Please chant...
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
...and your life will be sublime!
The most important thing in life is to always remember Krishna and never forget him

Family matters

This weekend I went together with my mother and her husband to visit my brother and his family in Copenhagen. It’s a short drive from Oslo, only around 6 hours.
Plan was simple: spend time with my nephews, and see a few friends, and Sunday feast at the temple.

My brother has the cutest kids. 9, 5 and 2 years old. Mostly its all about football, but I also had a time for asking some deeper questions. As a teacher I always ask about school. As the aunty I always ask how their relations are, but as a spiritual being I ask them about their relationship with God. We spoke about how God is inside all living entities hearts, and that He is always there to love and take care of us. My brother is not the most religious person, so some questions are forbidden, and chanting with them is also forbidden. I did it once when they were younger, and then they started singing mantras. Well, the parents found out, and then it was forbidden. But when they turn 18, they are freely allowed to choose. Can’t wait to invite them for a sweet kirtan when they grow up. They have such open hearts and I am sure they will love it.  No hurry, they know I am a Hare Krishna, so they have already said Krishnas names. Just by thinking that I am a Hare Krishna, they are in a very mystical way relating to Krishna already.

The biggest challenge on family get-togethers are our differences. Firstly, well, I don’t eat their food. For me it’s big enough of a challenge to watch them eat meat, but then all the questions arise. Questions I have answered sooo many times before. ”Why is egg meat? I am sure you can eat that.” ”What’s wrong with onions, garlic and mushrooms? That’s also vegetarian.” ”The vegetables also have life, isn’t it murder to eat them also?”
So I explain everything once more, and then they are satisfied for a short time.
Then the questions come regarding our lifestyle. “Why are you not having sex? You are married! How is it possible to live together and not have sex?” So I give them the whole explanation about not just live to satisfy the senses, and that we don’t want to be like animals. Just eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Sex is meant for begetting Krishna conscious children, not for enjoying our senses and exploiting the other person. They have heard it all before, but somehow they are still curious.

Extatic Harinam
Saturday I took part of the Harinam in the city, and Copenhagen was packed with people. 
I love Harinams, jumping up and down and singing at the top of my lungs. 
AND associating with the devotees. That’s nectar!
At the Sunday feast I got to lead Kirtan for 30 min, and I lead Nrsimha Prayers. 
I love leading Kirtan. 
At these moments I feel my spiritual master is happy with me, and it fills my heart with love.

The new altar at ISKCON CPH

It was in Copenhagen I first came to an ISKCON temple. I had been in India in 2007, and I had been having some contact with an indian prabhu in Copenhagen. He told me about the temple, and I started coming to Sunday feasts. This friend was at the temple this Sunday, and it was really nice to see him and his wife again. 
The first guru is the one that introduces you to Krishna consciousness. 
All glories to him!
It was also great to see all the other devotees, oh, how I wished I had a week to just stay at the temple to talk with everyone. Catching up with my spiritual family.

On the way home to Norway, my mother saw a person smoking cigarettes, and she burst out: “I cannot understand why people smoke. It tastes so bad and it’s very dangerous.” (Norwegian: “Eg fatte og begripe ikkje at folk gidder å røyke!...”) She and her husband talked for some time about it, him being an ex-smoker telling her it’s because it tastes so good and my mom only thinking it to be a bad addiction.
I started thinking about the same statement with my view on another subject.

I cannot understand why people eat meat. It tastes and smells so bad, and it’s so dangerous. 
Not only for the health, but also for the spiritual progress. 
Why? Why? WHY do people eat meat?
As the smokers smoke, the meat eaters eat meat, just to satisfy the senses.
Such a waste of the human form.

Family is important. It’s important to be grateful, and be a good influence. 
Get cleansed and leave a good impression. 
And if ones birth-family doesn’t understand once life choices, 
well, then it's important to remember that it’s a miracle 
that we have this huge spiritual family - all over the world. 
All thanks to Srila Prabhupada. Because family matters anyway.

Hare Krishna.

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