Please chant...
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
...and your life will be sublime!
The most important thing in life is to always remember Krishna and never forget him

Vrndavan 5 months

So finally we are in Vrndavan Dham. Jay!!! Radhe Shyam Ki Jay!!!

After finishing up everything at home....selling the apartment, saying bye to friends....we flew to Helsinki where we had 24 hours. We met Marjo and Terry, a couple I have known for some years now. Such openminded and lovely people.
We spent the day in the temple in Helsinki and we had darshan with Bhakti Vaibhava Swami.
He is Chandra Mohini dd's spiritual master, so it was extra nice to see him.

The flight to Delhi went really fine, just 6,5 hours... then 3 hours in taxi to Vrndavan....
Its very HOT here.... its har to explain, but the thermometer shows between 45-48 degrees.... Monsoon is just around the corner, and then the temp will fall.....
we got the advice that between 10 - 16 we should not go out, because its too hot...

The meeting with our friends Damodara and Laxmi was really great. they are such nice devotees, and they are so mercyful with us..... We are so happy to have such great friends here.
We have also met up with one Godbrother, which is also pojari here. He had some great news for us, which I will write about in a later blog.

Vrndavan is as it always is. Amazing. Everywhere we go everyone is chanting Hare Krishna or Radhe Radhe. This truly is the spiritual world.

Ourside the temple here, there is a shoe-stall where you can leave your shoes safe. Somehow the man standing there he ALWAYS remember which shoes is ours.....he remember all owners of the differens shoes...and every day he is tuching the shoes of the devotees.... getting all the dust...getting all the mercy. I am sure he is a pure devotee.

we rise around 3.30 and go for Mangala arati in the temple at 4.30. then we go for breakfast at 09......

bedtime now....

Hare Krishna.

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