Please chant...
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
...and your life will be sublime!
The most important thing in life is to always remember Krishna and never forget him

Material world sucks!

The material world is a big challenge, I want to go out from here. I want to go home to Krsna.

I am so dis-satisfied with my work at the moment, and  in a class with my Guru Maharaja he said that if we are not satisfied, Krishna is not satisfied. So I guess Krishna is not satisfied...


But how can I please Him? If I remember Him all the time, well, then He is happy. But it’s hard when the kids at my work think they are God and have really BIG authority issues.

Most of the time it feels like I am working in a kindergarden and not in 8th grade. Why is Krsna engaging me in this service? Is this the kind of purification he wants me to have?


I’d love to have a job directly connected to Krsna. Going on sankirtan, harinam, working at a Hare Krishna restaurant, just something that is directly connected with Krsna. Ultimately everything is connected with Him, but for a rascal like me its hard to keep focus at work. The sad thing is that I have 3 month resignation, and then its already summer. Last day at work is on the 21st of June. 58 days from now.... I am counting down!


At least there is a Nama Hatta program tonight, and then sundayfeast on Sunday.... so some devotional practice is there...

I really miss Vrndavan....


Hare Krishna.


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