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Rama Rama Hare Hare
...and your life will be sublime!
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"Slumming" at Kiwi

In Norway one of the supermarkets here have this freshness warranty. If you buy something that is off, meaning muldy or rotten, you get your money back and a new fresh product.
Also if you find something in the shop that is out on date they give you a new product for free.

So a few months ago I started going to the local Kiwi-shop close to my work, and I was amazed over how much money I saved. Kiwi they have cut of the taxes on all organic food, so all their organic food is really cheap! A organic squash is 9NOK and a non-organic is 15NOK. And the same with all the other veggies you can get there, and the milk products also :-) Its really fantastic! Now I go every friday with a colleague, and I shop for the coming week.

So when I first enter I head over for the organic veggies and fruits. Cucumber is the first. I always find 3-4 of them. Then Red Paprika (peppers), 2-3 of them, cauliflower, selleri, tomatoes, then Avocado and fruits. I always find organic apples and sometimes lemons and kiwis. Every week I probably save many hundreds of kroners.

My husband was not so fond of it, a bit embarrassing to go and find "old" stuff, but today he came with me and he got hooked right away! Today we found 5 trays of strawberries, 4x4 organic apples, 1 organic paprika, 1 organic cucumber and 8 nectarines. Kiwi is a gold mine for those who think organic food is expensive!

Happy slumming!

Hare Krishna.

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