Please chant...
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
...and your life will be sublime!
The most important thing in life is to always remember Krishna and never forget him

Just 3 weeks left

3 weeks and our little gopi should arrive…. wow… I can't even imagine what a change and impact it will have on our lives. Krishna has given us the opportunity to guide one soul back to Him. What greater gift can one receive?

Last week we shifted house… AGAIN! we got the opportunity to rent a house and then we could also run sundayfeasts from here, its perfect.

In April its Gurumaharajes 61st appearance day… I can't wait to see him, and offer our gopi to him. I hope I can attend as many programs as possible with her! Don't think there will be any altar service, but I look so much forward to see Jagannath, Baladev and Subadhra, Radha Gopinath and Gaura Nitay… and of course all our brother and sisters…. This year we will also bring Noah, and it will be a nice experience for him. Hopefully our friends from Oslo will also join us… I am 100% sure they will love it!

I wonder what kind of mother I will be…. surely I will be over protective, who wouldn't when they know Kali yoga and how strong Maya is.
I want our children to  be respectful to elders, have an open mind towards other peoples opinions and faith,  good musicians, have a healthy lifestyle, minimum of sugar (just from Mahaprasadam!!), love to be outdoors, respectful of temple etiquette, actually I could go on and on about what I would like to teach my children… Prabhupada said, these children are not ordinary children, so we have to take special care for them. A soul that has chosen to come into a devotee family, surely must have a desire to preach Caitanyas mission. At least we can facilitate for the soul to have this opportunity and then make its own choice. Because we do have free will.

My mother was a good mother. And my father was a good father also. They taught me right from wrong, and gave me the values that they believed in. From there it was up to me. A wild spirit spot on a quest to find the truth. I searched for many years…I read many books… I met a lot of people and I travelled around to find what I felt deep in my heart was missing. Where did my soul belong?

When I first heard at a lecture that we are suffering, I did not believe it. I thought these Hare Krishnas are really pessimistic and need to cheer up! I was not suffering, I came from a nice background, always got whatever I needed (materially) and I was happy most of the time. It actually took 2 years I think before I understood what they meant with suffering. I was in Juhu temple in Mumbai at a lecture there, this was in 2010 (i think) and the speaker said that because we are spirit soul we are suffering here in the material world. A spirit souls real home is in the spiritual world. Its like you can take a fish out of water, and give it all nice clothes and cars and other opulences, but slowly it will die. Same with us. We are caught here in this material body, it all seems very fine, but the soul is suffering because its not in its real element. That is why we have to urgently get out of this material world, and do all that we can to go back home, back to Krishna. I hope I can show this urgency and be a good example for my child.
Fortunatly I have a devotee husband that also want to be a good example and guide our children in devotional service. I am very lucky with that <3

Now I have to continue with sundayfeast preparations.

Hare Krishna.

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  1. Haribol! Jag hittade ditt blogg via facebook, och jag har själv blogg på Wordpress..
    Önskar dig lycka till med allting! Kram Raya
    Hare Krishna