Please chant...
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
...and your life will be sublime!
The most important thing in life is to always remember Krishna and never forget him


We are now more than half through our travels in India with Kamala Gopi.
Her first visit to the Holy Dhams Vrndavan and Mayapur.
We started with 8 days in Vrndavan, and as always it was too short. It was amazing to see Radhe Shyam again and to meet all our nice friends. I had really missed them since my last visit in 2012.
Kamala Gopi got so many blessings. Everyone we met blessed her with a long life in Krishna Consciousness. I love blessings. Without the mercy from the Vaisnavas we are doomed. Gurumaharaj often speak of the "mercy-cup"….we have a cup that fills up with mercy…but the more we share it gets faster filled up.

In Vrndavan we attended Govardan puja and Srila Prabhupadas disappearenceday. On Govardan puja we went to Goshala and Kamala Gopi got to sit on a bull… it was sooo sweet!!!! she was really happy :-)

All disciples of H.H. Kadamba Kanana Swami also met in the evening for a Govardan puja for Giriraj. It was really ecstatic! We made a BIG mountain of fruits, dry fruits and sweets and we all danced around Giriraj. Giriraj Maharaj Ki Jay!

Kamala Gopi also got her first grains in Vrndavan. She loved the khir :-)

After Vrndavan we went to Mayapur. Earlier this year we bought an apartment in Mayapur, and now, for the first time we went to live there. Its a cozy 1 bedroom, 1 living room apartment, with nice kitchen and bathroom. We were also so fortunate to have our brother Martin staying with us for 1 week. 
These last says of Kartik in Mayapur are the most ecstatic. Its H.H. Jayadvaita Maharaj's Vyasapuja and Gurumaharaj is here. And on the last day of Kartik its rasa purnima. There will be a great celebration here. Will post some pictures after the celebrations!!!

Hare Krishna.


This morning I made chapatis.
 Kamala Gopi on my back in my loppemarked bargain wrap. 
She was very interested when they puffed!!!

Dough is very easy. flour and water. 

Dough should be soft and easy to mold.

Make small balls and roll them in small circles:

Then I put them on a medium warm non-stick pan for 1 min on each side.

Then I have a small metal thingy which I keep on a hot spot and then they pop!

Then we had chapatis with our lunch feast!

Hare Krishna!

Back on track

7 months ago a Spirit Soul came to our family. She is the sweetest little Gopi. Her Name is Kamala Gopi. 

The last few months has been a rollercoaster. First months after the birth was tough. Not just physically but also mentally. 
Somehow I feel like I am slowly getting back to myself, although I will never be the same as I was, because now I am a mother. It is the most amazing gift in the whole world. I do understand how Prabhupada said that a mothers love to her child is the closest one gets to love of God. Its totally unconditional and its ever increasing. 
I also have a greater respekt for my own mother. She is an amazing person that brought up my brother and I with so much love. 

7 months already. Now she is slowly starting to taste solid food. I am following baby lead weaning (BLW) so she eats whatever she can hold in her hand and put in her mouth.
So far we have tried cucomber, paprika, apples, pear, broccoli, kael, tomato, avocado, watermelon, mango, melon, banana and sweetpotato. She eats it all!!! 

I finally feel ready to keep up my blog and I will make lots of pictures and recipies for vegetarian BLW. 

Stay true. Remember to chant. And be Krishna Conscious. Your kids copy you.

Hare Krishna

Just 3 weeks left

3 weeks and our little gopi should arrive…. wow… I can't even imagine what a change and impact it will have on our lives. Krishna has given us the opportunity to guide one soul back to Him. What greater gift can one receive?

Last week we shifted house… AGAIN! we got the opportunity to rent a house and then we could also run sundayfeasts from here, its perfect.

In April its Gurumaharajes 61st appearance day… I can't wait to see him, and offer our gopi to him. I hope I can attend as many programs as possible with her! Don't think there will be any altar service, but I look so much forward to see Jagannath, Baladev and Subadhra, Radha Gopinath and Gaura Nitay… and of course all our brother and sisters…. This year we will also bring Noah, and it will be a nice experience for him. Hopefully our friends from Oslo will also join us… I am 100% sure they will love it!

I wonder what kind of mother I will be…. surely I will be over protective, who wouldn't when they know Kali yoga and how strong Maya is.
I want our children to  be respectful to elders, have an open mind towards other peoples opinions and faith,  good musicians, have a healthy lifestyle, minimum of sugar (just from Mahaprasadam!!), love to be outdoors, respectful of temple etiquette, actually I could go on and on about what I would like to teach my children… Prabhupada said, these children are not ordinary children, so we have to take special care for them. A soul that has chosen to come into a devotee family, surely must have a desire to preach Caitanyas mission. At least we can facilitate for the soul to have this opportunity and then make its own choice. Because we do have free will.

My mother was a good mother. And my father was a good father also. They taught me right from wrong, and gave me the values that they believed in. From there it was up to me. A wild spirit spot on a quest to find the truth. I searched for many years…I read many books… I met a lot of people and I travelled around to find what I felt deep in my heart was missing. Where did my soul belong?

When I first heard at a lecture that we are suffering, I did not believe it. I thought these Hare Krishnas are really pessimistic and need to cheer up! I was not suffering, I came from a nice background, always got whatever I needed (materially) and I was happy most of the time. It actually took 2 years I think before I understood what they meant with suffering. I was in Juhu temple in Mumbai at a lecture there, this was in 2010 (i think) and the speaker said that because we are spirit soul we are suffering here in the material world. A spirit souls real home is in the spiritual world. Its like you can take a fish out of water, and give it all nice clothes and cars and other opulences, but slowly it will die. Same with us. We are caught here in this material body, it all seems very fine, but the soul is suffering because its not in its real element. That is why we have to urgently get out of this material world, and do all that we can to go back home, back to Krishna. I hope I can show this urgency and be a good example for my child.
Fortunatly I have a devotee husband that also want to be a good example and guide our children in devotional service. I am very lucky with that <3

Now I have to continue with sundayfeast preparations.

Hare Krishna.


Today I made this really nice sourdough bread. I will make it again in a few days and then add the picture in here. Here is the recipe:

Its super easy, but you need to have a sourdough starter. If you don't have I can give you.

500 gr flour (I use rye flour)
5dl water
1,5 teaspoon salt
40 gr sugar (I use honey instead, 2 tablespoons)
seeds (I use sunflower seeds, linnen seeds, malt grains, whatever I have in the kitchen)
1 tablespoon dark cumin (it has a minty flavor, not like the indian cumin)

I usually have the water at body temperature and mix the salt and sugar/honey in there, then I mix that with the dry ingredients.

Then I add the sourdough (which I took aside last time I made the bread) and mix very well.
I sterilize the class and take out a new starter, and keep that for the next bread. If you keep it in the fridge it can stay about a week or more at least give it a day rest before you make a new bread.

then put the dough in a bread form, and leave it in a warm place over night (6-8 hours)

Then next day, pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees, bake the bread for 50 min, then switch it to 150 degrees for 10 min.

Offer to Krishna and enjoy! 

A few days in the mountains

This week I decided to take a few days away from Oslo. First of all to get some really fresh air, but also so my dear husband would get some time to do his studies without me around at home.

I drove with my dad up to Beitostølen and I were to stay here 3 days.
Its hard to describe with words how beautiful it is here now.. all the colors, the fresh smell, the silence and just time to think about the future.

beautifull red colors
clear blue sky

Another nice thing about being here is that I get to spend time with the family. My stepsister I haven't seen in a long time and my stepbrother that has just finished his masters in Leeds (UK). I am probably not the most social one, going to bed at 22:00 and waking up at 05, but anyway its nice to sit and chat and spend some time together.

The family mansion
me taking a walk in the close by area

I hvae many thoughts on the future...becoming a mother. It would probably be more easy if we lived in a bigger ISKCON community where we were surrounded by other devotees 24/7.  Somehow having a child grow up in a big city, can be quite a challenge, because maya is so strong here. But I am sure that my husband and I will do our best to create the most Krishna conscious surroundings for our child, so that she also will have a desire to serve Srila Prabhupadas mission. We are the one creating the foundation, and its our responsibility to make Krishna consciousness attractive and fun for her. And take her for lots of traveling to places where there are lots of devotees. In Oslo we have a small yatra, and I really care for all our members, but I pray to Krishna that he will send us more devotees here, so we can make a stronger yatra.

Also I can1t believe its a girl... I am so happy about it. I am looking so much forward to do lots of girly stuff with her... finally I can dig out l my handcraft things and be really creative with her. There is so much to buy and make for her....all in purple and pink... I LOVE IT!!

Tomorrow I will take the bus back to Oslo, and on saturday we will FINALLY sign the contract of our marriage...haha....better late than never!

Hare Krishna!

A vaisnavi will come.

On last thursday I had the first ultrasound at the birth clinik. 
This was the day we would find out if its a boy or a girl.

First the midwife showed the heart, then the toes and fingers, then the kidneys and the lungs... She measured the scull and other parts to set the date for arrival. 25/2-14.
Then she showed us that it would 100% be a girl. 
I cried so much... I was so happy! Krsna somehow always fulfill my desires. 

Our little gopi. I pray that she may take shelter at Krishnas Lotus feet. May she be a great preacher and have taste for the Holy Name. 

It was a happy day in the family also, sine there are so many boys already. My brother has 3 wonderful boys. 10, 7 and soon 4 years old. My brother is already planning to buy lots of pink clothes and lots of dolls for her :-)

I already bought some woolen clothes for her and i hope she will fit it when she comes out.

So now i have a few months to Get a strong sadhana and Get a healthy and strong body.
Please send some prayers my way.

In the picture you can see ny little gopi, already doing asanas, having her legs over her head!
Our little Vaisnava yogini!

Hare Krishna.

5th month is starting now

Today was the first day of the 5th moth of my pregnancy. For a few weeks now I have been having more energy and feeling a bit "normal" meaning not throwing up a few times every day, and being able to eat normal food.

In just 2 days I will go for the first ultrasound. Then I will know if its a boy of a girl. Last night I dreamt it was a girl...but its a 50/50 chance, so its hard to guess.

Body is living its own life.... growing here and there... today I bought some mama clothes, so that I can be comfortable. very few of my old clothes fit... mostly just the sarees.... and they are not so comfortable and practical all the time.

By Krishnas mercy I got a job also, at a school for children with autism. But somehow Krishna does not want me to work, and I was told that one is not allowed to work there after 12 weeks of pregnancy...and I am way over this friday is my last day.

I will spend time knitting, learning russian, working on the webpage, doing some yoga. Try to enjoy being pregnant for the last 5 months.

Will post some more news on thursday. Can't wait <3

Hare Krishna

Some days to relax

Today I went to Drøbak.  Two days at my moms place then back to Oslo. Here in Drøbak I went to a farm where One can pick vegetables. I got so many different veggies!! Amazing!
Now my belly has grown a bit also... I do look pregnant! 
When I look in the mirror, sometimes I don't believe it. 
I am pregnant!!!! 
Just another 26days and i have the ultrasound check... Can almost not wait!!!

 So this is my belly today... Cute and small!

Hare Krishna!

In my home town

The city of Drøbak bringes with it lots of memories of a sweet childhood and a rebellious youth. 
Its a small town, don't know how many people living here now, but Its a cute suburb 45 km from Oslo. 

I spent the night at my mothers place and it was so Nice and quitet... Not a single sound during the night. 

My mom said I am probably more pregnant now since i am 31 years old than if i had been pregnant in my 20ies... Now i am more sensitive and not so pulsing with energy... 
I think more about what I do and what i feel... 
Its surely a journey. Time to sit down, contemplate and tune in into the silence that is recuired for a healthy pregnancy.

That is probably my biggest challange... Taking things slow... I prefere doing things fast and do everything at once... But now... Everything must go slow.

Next week i have anappointment with my doctor... Checking put that everything is ok with me and the baby.... I still have to wait a few weeks to find out if Its a girl or a Boy...

Exciting times ahead.

Hare Krishna.

A time of waiting

After 8 months of samskars finally Krishna has gifted us with a Soul that has taken shelter in our little family. 
Its quite a miracle. 
To be honest i was not sure it was going to happen... 50 rounds and 1 try pr 30 days. What are the odds? 
So I was not really believing in it... 
But itproved that surely Krishna has a plan with everything. 
Whatever he desires will happen.

So now there is a time ahead of waiting...
Waiting for our New family member, a boy or a girl? 
A wonderful journey ahead... 

Hare Krishna.

A portrait of a Hare Krishna

Some weeks ago I was followed around by 4 film students that wanted to do a portrait on a Hare Krishna devotee. They came to Sunday feast, Nama Hatta, to my work and to our home.

This is the film they made:

Sanatani-devi dasi portrait

It's in norwegian :-)

Hare Krishna.

Mahadyuti Prabhu (Srila Prabhupada disciple is coming to Norway!

On the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of April Mahadyuti Prabhu is coming to Oslo. He is a Srila Prabhupada disciple and he was serving as a temple president in Soho temple for many years. 
Now he is traveling around the world preaching Krishnas glories. 
We are really fortunate to host him here in Norway.

This is the program so far: (changes might happen...)

Thursday the18th
Nama Hatta with Sankirtan Katha in Sarpsborg (Iselin and Phung). Time 18 - 21

Friday the 19th
Nama Hatta with focus on Japa in Høvik (Aleksandra and Jurij). Time: 18 - 21

Saturday the 20th
Maha Nama Hatta with focus on Japa and the Holy Name in Son (Sanatani and Yudhisthira). Time: 12 - 17

Sunday the 21st
Harinam/sankirtan in Oslo before Sunday feast

Thanks to all of you that kindly gave donations making his visit possible.

Your servants,
Sanatani-devi dasi and Yudhisthira das

If you are on Facebook, this is the event link:

Hare Krishna.

Material world sucks!

The material world is a big challenge, I want to go out from here. I want to go home to Krsna.

I am so dis-satisfied with my work at the moment, and  in a class with my Guru Maharaja he said that if we are not satisfied, Krishna is not satisfied. So I guess Krishna is not satisfied...


But how can I please Him? If I remember Him all the time, well, then He is happy. But it’s hard when the kids at my work think they are God and have really BIG authority issues.

Most of the time it feels like I am working in a kindergarden and not in 8th grade. Why is Krsna engaging me in this service? Is this the kind of purification he wants me to have?


I’d love to have a job directly connected to Krsna. Going on sankirtan, harinam, working at a Hare Krishna restaurant, just something that is directly connected with Krsna. Ultimately everything is connected with Him, but for a rascal like me its hard to keep focus at work. The sad thing is that I have 3 month resignation, and then its already summer. Last day at work is on the 21st of June. 58 days from now.... I am counting down!


At least there is a Nama Hatta program tonight, and then sundayfeast on Sunday.... so some devotional practice is there...

I really miss Vrndavan....


Hare Krishna.


"Slumming" at Kiwi

In Norway one of the supermarkets here have this freshness warranty. If you buy something that is off, meaning muldy or rotten, you get your money back and a new fresh product.
Also if you find something in the shop that is out on date they give you a new product for free.

So a few months ago I started going to the local Kiwi-shop close to my work, and I was amazed over how much money I saved. Kiwi they have cut of the taxes on all organic food, so all their organic food is really cheap! A organic squash is 9NOK and a non-organic is 15NOK. And the same with all the other veggies you can get there, and the milk products also :-) Its really fantastic! Now I go every friday with a colleague, and I shop for the coming week.

So when I first enter I head over for the organic veggies and fruits. Cucumber is the first. I always find 3-4 of them. Then Red Paprika (peppers), 2-3 of them, cauliflower, selleri, tomatoes, then Avocado and fruits. I always find organic apples and sometimes lemons and kiwis. Every week I probably save many hundreds of kroners.

My husband was not so fond of it, a bit embarrassing to go and find "old" stuff, but today he came with me and he got hooked right away! Today we found 5 trays of strawberries, 4x4 organic apples, 1 organic paprika, 1 organic cucumber and 8 nectarines. Kiwi is a gold mine for those who think organic food is expensive!

Happy slumming!

Hare Krishna.

It's really amazing how time fly by soooo fast.
It actually came to the point the other day...I was sitting with my sister-in-law and she started speaking about her blog. Blog? I thought for my self. Oh, Krishna...I totally forgot about my blog. Somehow after we came back from India, its just been full power all the time... rarely I have give myself time to just sit and write. I got a job as a teacher in 8th grade, at least until the summer.

We have been looking for a house for 3 months...we really want to buy our own place, so that we can play Kirtan whenever we want to and get up early in the morning without disturbing anyone.
I was almost giving up on the whole thing because we couldn't afford any of the houses that was out for sale... but then by some mysthical power, Krishna arranged for us to rent a small house in the forrest, just 2 km from Son center. And a 15 min walk to our dear friends in Hølen. Norway's only Srila Prabhupada disciple also lives in Hølen, so this is surely Krishnas arrangement.
So on the 1st of March we will take over the house, and slowely move in there. Plan is to stay there (rent is soooo cheap!) and save up money, so that we can buy something in a few years from now. Who knows what Krishna might plan for us next.

The Hare Krishna Movement is spreading rapidly in Norway. Its amazing to be in the middle of it! Two really sweet devotees that used to live in Trondheim has now moved to Sarpsborg, and thats just 20 min from us! They are really fired up after serving in Gadeigiri temple in Orissa for 9 months. Now back in Norway they have started a Nama Hatta group, they teach vegetarian cooking and they are opening a restaurant this summer in Frederikstad. See their webpage for info:

My husband and I arrange Nama Hatta 1 time pr week, but since we stay outside Oslo, our groupmembers have opened their homes for the programs. And its really amazing to see how the devotees are blooming when they get to do devotional service.
A devotee from Serbia has also moved to Oslo, a disciple of H.H. Sacinananda Swami. He leads amazing Kirtan and has so much katha to share.

I could go on and on to tell about everything that is happening in Norway right now, but I have to paint my dear Nityananda Prabhu. On saturday there is Nityananda Triodasi, so 14 devotees will go to Stockholm together! JAY! There will be program there every day, and lots of sadhu sanga!

One thing I have to mention is that when I came back from Vrndavan there was 3 boxes of deities waiting for me at my moms place. 8inch Jagannath, Baladev and Subadra, small Gaura Nitay, Loddo Gopal, Nityananda, and 3 Prabhupada murties. I have given some away to otehr devotees, but in our home we have Jagannath, Baladev and Subadra. Its really amazing.

Lord of the universe together with His sister and brother

Hare Krishna.

Bhakti Shastri essay

So I wrote this essay for Bhagavad gita...thought I wanted to share it with you :-)

The Gate
Many see death like the end. Life ends, you have to say good-bye to everyone you know and you cannot take anything or anyone with you. No wonder people fear death. Yamaraj once asked Yudhisthira: “what is the most amazing thing in this world?” Maharaja Yudhisthira answered: “everyone is surrounded by death, but still they think themselves to be immortal”. The vedic world-view see death differently, it’s seen as a gate or a portal, where you have the power to choose to go back to Godhead, or stay in the material realm.

Today I was on the walking street of Oslo, distributing Srila Prabhupadas books. I stopped many people, some were interested, and others just walked passed me. Maybe you were one of the people I stopped and talked to? Then you would probably remember me telling you that you are not your body, but you are spirit soul. I would most likely have recited verse 2.13 from Bhagavad Gita:

dehino 'smin yathā dehe
tathā dehāntara-prāptir
dhīras tatra na muhyati

As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.

I would probably have shown you the nice picture from the book, and told you how the body is like a car. When there is no driver, the car cannot move, but when there is a driver, the car can go anywhere.  Similarly, the body without a soul is just a dead body.

Sometimes I also use the analogy of a sleeping dog. What is the difference of a sleeping and a dead dog?  Well, in the sleeping dog the soul is still present.
I use so many different examples. If you were one of the really interested people I stopped today, you might have had more questions regarding the process of transmigration. A big part of the second chapter of Bhagavad Gita explains this. In verse 2.22 its stated: As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.
For one who is as intelligent as you, this would make sense. Most likely you would have asked me how you could apply these teachings in your daily life without changing too much on how you live your life now, because you like your comfort-zone. At this point, we were having a great talk and if you had time I would have invited you to a café for a cup of tea to talk more. I really appreciate when people I stop in the street have time, and they like to discuss philosophy.
Krishna consciousness is simple for the simple and complicated for the complicated. I am 100% sure I must have told you this. Because this is true. Krishna consciousness is something everyone can practice, because it is the dormant state in each and every one of us. But how can you bring out your dormant state? In Bhagavad Gita 2.62 it is it is stated, sańgāt sañjāyate kāmaḥ: one's desires and ambitions develop according to the company one keeps. It is often said that a man is known by his company, and if an ordinary man associates with devotees, he will certainly develop his dormant Krishna consciousness. Some might say you are what you eat, but we say “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”.
At this point in our conversation you start thinking of your friends, and you share with me that they are not at all thinking the way you think, they are all into sex, drugs and rock n’roll.  I ask you if you might have one friend who is a bit open, that maybe would like to come to the temple for a Sunday feast or a program at my house. We exchange emails and phone numbers and we agree to meet another time during the week. You ask me how much I want for the book, and I say that you can give a donation accordance with your heart. I really appreciate the time that you spent with me, and I am looking forward to next time. We walk our separate ways, and I feel so happy inside because you are walking down the road with one of Srila Prabhupadas books in your bag, and I had a great talk with you.

Next time we meet I would bring you a mantra-card and we would speak further on Krishna consciousness. I would like to thank all of you who stop when I approach you in the streets, all of you who chant along when we do harinam in the streets and all of you who are reading this article.

To go out on the streets with books is not always easy, most of the time it is really difficult, because the mind wants to go everywhere else than where it is. One friend who has been going out with books for the last 20 years told me “there are two important things when you go out with books. The first one is to get purified and the second is to leave a good impression”. I have taken these instructions to my heart and with great inspiration from them I enter the streets of Oslo again and again.
I choose that as my gate, because I want to go back to Godhead in this life.

Hare Krishna.

I had a dream

Some days back our dear friend Jyotisvara Prabhu had his re-initiation by H.H. Radhanath Swami, and he got the name Janardana das.

So last night I had a dream.

I was sitting with my dear Sri Sri Gaura Nitay and somehow they had both come to life and they were moving, sitting down, standing up, blinking their eyes and I was holding my finger in Nityanandas hand, and He was squeezing my finger. it was very very mystical.
I called out for Janardana prabhu who was there, "Janardana prabhu, come here, come here!" He came and asked what's the matter. I said "Gaura Nitay has come alive, see, Nityananda is sitting down", then I told Nityananda to stand up, so Janardana prabhu could see Him move. Then Janardana prabhu put his finger in Nityanandas hand, and immediately Janardana prabhu left his body, and went directly back to Krishna.
After that I was distributing Bhagavad Gita's in my hometown Drøbak, and I was doing it with full inspiration from Janardana Prabhu, who is the best sankirtan devotee I personally know.

I woke up crying over having lost a friend, but also of happiness, because I knew he went back to Krishna.

Hare Krishna.

Keeping the fever balanced

Life is not meant to be easy…no matter how much we try, we can not escape birth, old age, disease or death. These are the four truths of misery in life.

Upon choosing a life in Krishna consciousness, I had this idea that I had reached far in spiritual understanding, after practicing different kind of meditations and yoga for a few years. Then after giving up the idea that I was the main controller of my life and that God merely energy, I started realizing how little I actually knew.

I knew nothing of God and that He was a person, little did I not know that He is maintaining the whole universe and that He loves us unconditionally. Neither did I know that my original home is in the spiritual world in an eternal relationship with Supreme Personality of Godhead. My original constitution is sac chit ananda, eternal, full of knowledge and bliss. If we add Vigraha, then we get the constitution of Bhagavan, Krishna. Vigraha means form, so he is the eternal form of knowledge and bliss.

Through association from devotees I got to know the Supreme Personality of Godhead’s name. Krishna. Kriiiishnaaa… oh it has a sweet taste in my mouth. Think that God and His name are the same, so by saying His name I am having direct association with Him. That is very mysterious.

At the time being I am in Vrndavan, the Holy spiritual land of Krishna’s nitya (eternal) lilas (past times). 1,5 months has passed, and we are in the middle of our Bhakti shastri studies. The studies of Sri Isopanisad, Bhagavad Gita, Nectar of Instruction and Nectar of Devotion.
To study Vedic philosophy is not just to read and understand, this knowledge goes deep, deep under the skin, deep into the mind, heart and soul.
It purifies the heart and its desires, putting Krishna in the center.

Life here is more tapasya (sacrifice) here than what I am used to at home in Norway. Yes, we have same sadhana, with chanting and puja and we study philosophy, but the external circumstances are more austere, the changing weather, the different food, sitting on the floor for 5-6 hour every day….But what is most challenging for me is to contemplate and digest all the new information that is presented before me.

Keeping balance

Srila Prabhupada uses the analogy of fever. That we need to keep the temperature on 37, not on 40, and not on 35. Meaning if the fever is on 35 degrees there is too much austerities with to much knowledge, and if its 40 it is to much sense gratification. So there has to be balance between Sadhana and religious sense gratification.  When senses are engaged in devotional service it becomes religious sense gratification. But still when its religious, we need to keep it balanced.

This is what I find difficult in Vrndavan. There is to little fever. All around we have many austerities…. To little sense gratification. There is not even time to think of sense gratification…!

But here I am, in Vrndavan, the Holiest of the Holy places, and there is nothing else to do than surrender to the process and purification.
I am now meditating upon that with out Radharani’s mercy I would never be here, only with her approval one can enter Vrndavan. So I do feel very fortunate to be here, even if its tough for the mind and the senses.

Radha Damodara temple

I hope to acquire the knowledge and understanding that is needed for further preaching in Norway. Only with the blessing of Guru and Gauranga. 

Hare Krishna.

Our real spiritual identity

What is my real identity?
For sure I am not this body.... this body is just a bag of blood, urin and stool..... and if I take away my arm, am I not still there? if I loose a leg, am I not still there? So who am I???

In the Bhagavad Gita (2.13), Krishna says:

dehino 'smin yathā dehe
kaumāraḿ yauvanaḿ jarā
tathā dehāntara-prāptir
dhīras tatra na muhyati

"As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change."

So as we understand from this verse, we are not the body, but we are the soul.... But does not the soul belong to somewhere?

In the Vedas it is described how we have our eternal spiritual form in Goloka Vrndavan. An eternal spitiual world which has always been there. And we are all relating to God, Krishna in one of 5 relationships (rasas).

The five kinds of relationships with Krishna are: Santa, Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya and Madhurya. Each rasa includes all the qualities of the preceding one, plus a distinguishing quality of its own.

"When the relationship with Krishna increases in affection, the mood of fear and the consciousness of the superiority of the Supreme Lord diminish. Here the fraternal relationship (sakhya) manifests in a sense of equality between Krishna and His friends. When the affection of the fraternal relationship increases, it develops into the paternal relationship (vatsalya) that is found between father and son. In other words, intimate relationships with Krishna develop from an ordinary conception of the Supreme Personality of Godhead (santa rasa); to the conception of master and servant (dasya rasa); and when this becomes confidential, it develops into a friendly relationship (sakhya), and when the relationship further develops, it becomes paternal (vatsalya), and when this develops to the highest point of love and affection it is known as conjugal love (madhurya) with the Supreme Lord." (TLC, chap. 29)

But where do I belong? Which rasa is my eternal spiritual form in?
Some might say that it's to elevated to think of this, but if we don't know our goal, how can we then reach the spiritual world? Without a goal, you can not score!
And won't my sadhana become more focused if I knew where I was going?
Finding this out, is not something we can push and force into our consciousness. It takes time, a lot of chanting, but most of all it needs the desire. If we have the desire to find out, Krishna will reveal Himself. But we have to be ready and open for it.

I am hoping that this stay in Vrndavan will humble me and make me a better servant of Krishna, Srila Prabhupada, Guru Maharaja, my husband and Krishnas devotees. I hope I will learn more about devotional service, so that I can be a better preacher.

Somehow I am here because Radharani has invited me, so I am going to make the most out of it!

Jay Jay Sri Vrndavan Dham Ki Jay!!! Jay Sri Sri Radhe Shyam Ki Jay!!!

Hare Krishna.

Vrndavan 5 months

So finally we are in Vrndavan Dham. Jay!!! Radhe Shyam Ki Jay!!!

After finishing up everything at home....selling the apartment, saying bye to friends....we flew to Helsinki where we had 24 hours. We met Marjo and Terry, a couple I have known for some years now. Such openminded and lovely people.
We spent the day in the temple in Helsinki and we had darshan with Bhakti Vaibhava Swami.
He is Chandra Mohini dd's spiritual master, so it was extra nice to see him.

The flight to Delhi went really fine, just 6,5 hours... then 3 hours in taxi to Vrndavan....
Its very HOT here.... its har to explain, but the thermometer shows between 45-48 degrees.... Monsoon is just around the corner, and then the temp will fall.....
we got the advice that between 10 - 16 we should not go out, because its too hot...

The meeting with our friends Damodara and Laxmi was really great. they are such nice devotees, and they are so mercyful with us..... We are so happy to have such great friends here.
We have also met up with one Godbrother, which is also pojari here. He had some great news for us, which I will write about in a later blog.

Vrndavan is as it always is. Amazing. Everywhere we go everyone is chanting Hare Krishna or Radhe Radhe. This truly is the spiritual world.

Ourside the temple here, there is a shoe-stall where you can leave your shoes safe. Somehow the man standing there he ALWAYS remember which shoes is ours.....he remember all owners of the differens shoes...and every day he is tuching the shoes of the devotees.... getting all the dust...getting all the mercy. I am sure he is a pure devotee.

we rise around 3.30 and go for Mangala arati in the temple at 4.30. then we go for breakfast at 09......

bedtime now....

Hare Krishna.

I am at the moment visiting my grandmother, far up in the north of Norway. She is a wonderful lady of 95 years. She recently moved into an old-age home, so that she doesn't have to be alone all the time. Since all of her family lives far away. It really nice to see her, and it makes me want to get more serious in spiritual life. One day i will also sit there, and all one really has is the memories of the life that one has lived. But maybe as a devotee of Krishna, old age does not have to be so boring? Maybe one can inspire young devotees and tell grandchildren about Krishna. The knowledge from the Vedas are time- and age-less. It doesn't really mattet how old or young you are, Krishna is always nice to talk about. Recent studies showes that the generation-gap is only 5 years now... Meaning if you listen to one type of music and you have a brother that is 5 years older, you will not understant eachothers taste in music, TV, clothes, and so on. But Krishna consciousness is so wonderful. Krishna is eternal, and there is so much to know about him! The north of Norway is really beautiful, such a rich nature and the air and water here is just amazing. It's so fresh! I brought my japa, Srimad Bhagavatam, yogamat and Ipad. 4 days retreat at an old age home :-) Hare Krishna.

Preperation for next life

Looking around myself I see so many people who are in pain, and they don't even know it.
They have no idea that they are just passengers on a ride which has a very sad ending.
They have no control over their life, their senses, their desires. 
They think they are in control, but really they are just products of the society.

Sleeping like animals, but in a human body.
Eating like animals, but in a human body.
Defending like animals, but in a human body.
Mating like animals, but in a human body.

And for what? Just to gratify the senses.
It's saddens me so much to see this around me. 
Why won't people wake up? 
Open up their eyes and see what is really happening.

I am thinking a lot about why people eat non-veg. It does not make sense. 
Eating another body. Another entity's flesh. 
It's so horrible. 
And eggs, the unfertilized embryo of a chicken. That is just disgusting. 
Would you eat the menstruation of any other animal? 
But the eggs of a hen is ok? 
That is just too weird.

What goes around comes around, what you do to others, will come back to you...etc. we have all heard about Karma, but why are people not considering their actions reactions before they do something?
Can people not see that their actions in this life is what creates the body of the next life? Just like the body we have now is an reaction of the actions we did in our previous lives. It's how it works. Karma. It's not just for this lifetime, but for all the lives. Until we get liberated from the wheel of Karma. 

There is a mantra saying:

harer nama harer nama 
harer namaiva kevalam
kalau nasty eva nasty eva
nasty eva gatir anyatha

which means:
"In this age of Kali there is no other way, no other way, no other way for self-realization than chanting the holy name, chanting the holy name, chanting the holy name of Lord Hari" (Adi 17.22)

Many people say "why should I chant?", "I am so happy how I am, I don't need that"
The thing is that people do not know they are suffering. They are so identified with their bodies, so they think by fulfilling the needs of the senses, they will stay happy, and that is how it should be. 

And the only result of gratifying the senses is more entanglement.... the only way to control the senses is to engage them. Do not try to suppress them....engage them in the service of Krishna. 
Eat only Krishna Prasadam, cooked by devotees.
Associate with the devotees.
Tell others about Krishna.
Cook for Krishna.
Sing for Krishna.
Dance for Krishna.
Work for Krishna.

You can do everything for Krishna. Just find out what Krishna likes.
If you like a person, and you want to make them happy, first you find out what they like, right? 
So find out what Krishna likes, and do that. 
Associate with Krishna through Srila Prabhupadas books, and associate with his devotees. 
Serve his devotees. Then Krishna is happy.

"Krishna is within your heart. If you kindly continue to hear about Him, as you are doing, then Krishna will be very much pleased. "Oh, this person is now interested in me." Because nobody's interested in Krishna, so Krishna is also silent to them. But as soon as you become interested, oh, Krishna becomes very active, "Oh, he's trying to do something. I shall help him."" (LA, may 19, 1972)

Hare Krishna.

17th of May

Today was Norways nationalday, and the streets of Oslo was filled with happy people. 
There was parades and people signing and cheering everywhere! 
The Hare Krishna crew in Oslo met at 13:00 at Egertorvet for Harinam. 
 The 17th of May is the best day of the year for Harinam. 
 Today was more extatic than ever! 
So many people Jones in to dance and sing with us, What a Great mood!

If only people were so open every time we did Harinam, that would be a blessing :-)

Hare Krishna.

Mataji cooking night

Once a month or more we meet a few matajis and cook for Krishna together.

One aspect with it is that is's nice to be together just us matajis, but also to share cooking ideas and teach each other new dishes.

Yesterday we made a sweet potato soup with freshly baked bread, Carob fudge, potato salad and Henna made her famous Risiipiraggii. Delicious!! Krishna was very happy!

Alina and me

Radka and Edita
Edita rolling the dough for the risiiriraggii
 While cooking we laugh and have lots of fun. And we also talk about philosophy. Yesterday we spoke a bit on why it's important to be vegetarian and also how good it feels to chant.

 The end-result of the cooking was very nice..... I even got some prasadam to take home for my husband.

 Hare Krishna.

The Spiritual Master

If we have faith in the Spiritual Master and Krishna, 

everything becomes very simple.

To cross an ocean you need a boat, a captain and favorable winds.
The boat is the human form of life, the captain is the Spiritual Master and the winds are the Vedas.

The great spiritual masters has crossed the great ocean of material existence - on the boat of transcendental knowledge.

Last weekend was the celebration for my Guru Maharaja's Vyasapuja. Vyasapuja is what we call the birthday celebration of our spiritual master. This year Maharaja turned 59 years old.
The celebration took place at Radhadesh - a huge temple and community in Belgium.


The weekend was planned so that in addition to the celebration of the appearence-day, there was also initiation for new members of our spiritual family.
I was so fortunate to be engaged in seva during my stay. I was asked to take part of decorating the altar. What a blessing.
I came to the pojari-room at 5 in the morning, and we brought all the flowers and other deco for the altar.
Here is the result

Vrndavan mood 
Gauravani mataji mad this ecstatic
birthday cake for Maharaja....
After the Vyasapuja celebration, there was feast and initiations.

Maharaja and Gaura Mohan Prabhu
The next day we were off to Amsterdam for Queensday. Extatic is the only word that describes how it was. See for your self:

Maharaja in extatic Kirtan

My husband and me
Gauravani mataji and me

7 hours of Harinam

Hare krishna explosion!

Maharaja and Kavichandra Swami

Bhakta Martin streching for mercy

So the weekend was a blast! Can't wait until next year to see my god-sisters and god-brothers again.

Hare Krishna.